2 Minutes to break in shoes

So I bought a new pair of shoes from Topshop the other day, specifically to be part of an outfit I put aside  for a meeting. Surprise, surprise I forgot to break them in! Trust me I tried this the morning of the meeting and it worked!!!

Slip on socks  and put on those tight/ painful pair of shoes. 
Direct your the hairdryer on the tight/ painful section  and hold there for a few seconds.
Stretch your feet and move your toes to stretch the shoes more.
Keep the shoes on while they cool down.

Take your socks off and test out those shoes.
How do they feel? Better?

It should be stretched and less painful, but if its still not pain free, then…whats that saying again, oh yeah “if at first you don’t succeed, try again”

Oh and try and avoid getting them wet., as water causes leather to shrink.

Observer: “Also, remember that water will make leather brittle so wet shoes should be dried gently, not placed in front of the fire or on top of a radiator. You can speed up the drying and help wet shoes and boots keep their shape by stuffing them with newspaper.”
*note: I do think the time depends on various variables, such as how tight the shoe is or how powerful your hairdryer is.  I got this idea from the Observer Via coffeelightandsweet